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Ask an Adoption Question

Have your own questions about adoption? Of course you do! Ask Michelle, our resident birth mother expert who not only serves as American Adoptions Birth Mother Specialist, but has been in your shoes - she's a birth mom, too.

Ask an Adoption Question

Do you still have questions about adoption? Maybe you would like to talk with someone who knows how you feel because they have been in your situation? You can talk to Michelle, a birth mother specialist with American Adoptions and a birth mom who placed her son for adoption 12 years ago. Michelle can talk you through the decision making process and can help you understand how she made her own decision. She has helped thousands of birth mothers decide whether parenting or adoption is right for them, and she can help you to sort through your emotions and reasons for considering adoption. Please fill out the form below to contact Michelle. Your information is completely confidential, and Michelle will respond by the end of the next business day.

You can also read Michelle's adoption story if you would like to learn more about her journey.

or contact us at 1-800-ADOPTION (236-7846) now

All information will be kept strictly confidential. Read our privacy policy here
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Meet Michelle — A Proud Birth Mom
Ask an Adoption Question
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