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How to Adopt From Foster Care in Arizona

Adoptive families often choose to pursue an Arizona foster care adoption because:

  • They want to adopt an older child
  • They are considering adopting a sibling group
  • They want to adopt a child with special needs
  • Foster care meets their financial situation 
  • And many other reasons

Foster care and adoption is a great way to start or grow your family, but it is important to fully understand the foster care adoption process and how it compares to private adoptions.

Although American Adoptions specializes in domestic infant adoptions and cannot provide placement services for foster care adoption, we value the life-changing opportunity Arizona foster child adoption provides. 

This is why we have created this guide on foster care and adoption in Arizona. 

Here you will find the information you need to determine if foster care adoption is the best path for you, or if you should explore another option, such as domestic adoption. If you would like to discuss the differences and how they can fit your adoptive goals, fill out our online form to get more information.

In the meantime, continue reading to learn more about how to adopt a child in foster care in Arizona.

Foster Care in Arizona

Like all types of adoption, the goal of foster care and foster care adoption in Arizona is to provide the best opportunities for the children involved.

The ultimate goal for children in the Arizona foster care system is to be reunited with their biological birth parents or family. Unfortunately, this only occurs around 50% of the time. For the approximately 50% of children unable to be placed back under the parental custody of their parents, they become eligible for adoption.

The Arizona court system is the only source that can determine if and when a child is eligible for reunification with their parents. This creates many uncertainties with adopting a foster child in Arizona.

Different Types of Foster Care [3 Ways to Get Involved]

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent or adopting from the foster care system of Arizona, there are three ways to get involved:

Foster Parenting

When you become a licensed foster parent, you are providing a temporary home for a child whose biological parents have not lost or given up their parental rights. This is a temporary situation that follows the goals of foster care — placing the child back in the care of their biological parents. 

Foster to Adopt

The Foster to Adopt Arizona Process is very similar to foster parenting, with one main difference: your intention is to adopt the child or children you are fostering. It is not a guarantee your foster children will become eligible for adoption. But, in the event they do, you will have priority to become their legal guardian. Many different scenarios can play out with this form of adoption, but the ultimate goal of reunification remains.

If you’re hoping for a more permanent adoption option, given the uncertainties that still exist with fostering to adopt, this would not be the best option for you.

Arizona Foster Care Adoption

Each year, thousands of children enter the Arizona foster care system, and many of them are unable to be reunited with their adoptive family. After the parental rights of their biological parents have been terminated, these children become eligible for Arizona state adoption. In Arizona, you do not need to be a licensed foster parent to adopt from Arizona foster care. 

If you are a hopeful adoptive family, you can apply to adopt from foster care Arizona waiting children whose parents’ rights have already been terminated. This direct process is called foster care adoption. To view children who are eligible for adoption, click here.

Requirements for Arizona Foster Care Adoption

Much like other types of adoption, there are requirements you have to meet to become eligible for adoption. 

An adoption home study is required, as is the legal representation of an adoption attorney. You will need to obtain Arizona state adoption certification by your local court, to prove you are acceptable to adopt a child.

Foster parents and those hoping to adopt through foster care in Arizona must be at least 21 years old, be a legal United States and Arizona residents, have a place of residence, and be able to pass a criminal background check.

Arizona Foster Care Agencies and Resources

If you are interested in learning more about foster care and adoption, you can contact any of these foster to adopt agencies Arizona offers: 

The Arizona foster care agency you choose to work with will be able to connect you with many resources you may need, including support groups, training classes, legal counsel, and more.

Foster Care Adoption Home Study

As a licensed adoption agency in Arizona, although we cannot assist with adopting a foster baby in Arizona, American Adoptions can help you complete the necessary steps of your adoption home study. The home study is essentially an evaluation of your readiness to become a parent and includes background and medical checks, home visits, interviews with references, and more. 

For more information on the home study process and how we can help you complete your requirements, fill out our online form. If you would prefer to find your home study provider, you may consider visiting 1-800-homestudy. There you will find local trusted providers that can assist with your home study needs.

Exploring Your Options

Keep in mind, foster care adoption is one of many options you have for adopting a child. 

It is worth noting if your adoption dreams involve becoming the parent of a newborn, an Arizona foster care adoption is likely not the best option, and you will want to explore domestic adoption. 

During domestic infant adoption, you can provide your preferences for the gender, ethnicity, and race of the baby you want to adopt. Birth mothers sharing similar adoptive goals will review your adoptive profile and, if they determine there is a match, you will begin communication with the intent of being chosen for placement.

American Adoptions has helped thousands of adoptive families and birth mothers complete their adoptions through our agency and we would love to help you as well. If you are uncertain which type of adoption is best for you, fill out our online information form to get more information and guidance from an adoption professional.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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