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How to Choose an Adoption Agency in Arizona

Good Questions to Ask

As you prepare for adoption, make sure you consider how to find an adoption agency in Arizona. 

The right adoption agency will be a valuable asset, as your adoption specialist can help guide you carefully throughout the adoption process.

Keep reading to learn how to find an adoption agency in Arizona, or call American Adoptions now to speak with a specialist about how you can start your adoption journey.

You can reach our team anytime by calling 1-800-ADOPTION or by filling out our convenient online form.

How to Choose an Adoption Agency in Arizona

When you’re ready to decide how to choose an adoption agency in Arizona, there are several things you should consider.


First, make sure you look for an agency that communicates well. You’re going to be spending a lot of time interacting with the agency you select, so choosing a professional that communicates effectively is essential.

One of the most important aspects of any adoption is sharing your thoughts and feelings with your adoption professional. When you first make your adoption decision, you’ll need to complete an APQ to let your adoption specialist know what you’re looking for with your adoption.

Communicating your desires and needs during this time is of the utmost importance, so when you’re deciding how to choose an adoption agency in Arizona, make sure you consider a professional you feel safe with.


It’s also important to consider an adoption agency that is supportive.

One adoptive family experienced a lot of stress during their adoption process but was thrilled with how much support they received from their friends and family, as well as their team at American Adoptions.

“We panicked after getting the call, but the more we talked openly about it, the more things came into place. It was great,” Nancy says. “People pulled for us. Their support was amazing."


Always opt for an adoption professional who understands the ins and outs of adoption.

Here at American Adoptions, we have team members who are birth mothers, adoptees and adoptive parents.

We understand the ins and outs of the adoption process on a personal level, and we’d love the chance to work with you.

One of our birth mother specialists, Michelle, is a birth mother herself. If you have specific questions about the adoption process and what the experience is like for birth moms, you can reach out directly to her. She’d love the chance to help you.

Good Questions to Ask an Adoption Agency in Arizona

Are you ready to meet with your adoption professional? Here are some questions to ask an adoption agency in Arizona.

How Do You Help Birth Mothers?

When you’re thinking about questions to ask an adoption agency in Arizona, make sure you ask how the agency you’re considering helps potential birth moms.

How Do You Assist Families With Matching?

As you prepare your list of questions to ask an adoption agency in Arizona, make sure you bring up marketing.

It might seem strange that marketing is an important part of working with an adoption agency, but a birth mother can’t choose you for their baby if they don’t know you exist.

Make sure you choose an adoption specialist who understands the value of marketing and who is willing to help you connect with a potential birth mother.

What Type of Adoption Do You Specialize In?

One of the most important questions to ask an adoption agency in Arizona is what type of adoption they specialize in.

No two adoption agencies are completely alike, which is one of the reasons you should ask personal and pointed questions when you’re trying to find the right one to work with.

Keep in mind that some adoption agencies specialize in:

  • International adoption
  • Foster care adoption
  • Private infant adoption

If you’d like to adopt a newborn within the United States, you’ll most likely work with a private domestic adoption agency, such as American Adoptions

Here at American Adoptions, we help hopeful adoptive families match with potential birth mothers, so you can plan to adopt a child who is a newborn or infant.

How Do You Prepare Families For Adoption?

As you consider your questions to ask an adoption agency in Arizona, make sure you include the topic of family preparation on your list.

Your adoption professional will be guiding you throughout your entire adoption journey, so it’s important to choose a professional you feel both safe and comfortable with.

What Aspects of the Adoption Process Do You Help With?

Did you know that some adoption agencies can help you with every part of the adoption process – including your home study?

Ask your adoption professional which aspects they can help you with – and what parts might require you to meet with someone outside of the agency.

Here at American Adoptions, we can help you with every part of the adoption process, from completing your home study to matching with a potential birth mother.

Starting the Adoption Process

Are you ready to speak with someone about beginning the adoption process?

You don’t have to wait.

You can call American Adoptions 24/7 at 1-800-ADOPTION. You can also connect with us directly through our website if you’d like to speak with someone about getting started with the adoption process.

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