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Where to Find Adoption Home Study Services in Arizona

One of the best ways to get through the stress some prospective adoptive parents have over the adoption home study is to depend on the right home study professional. But where do you find the best adoption home study services in Arizona?

The good news is that finding a home study provider isn’t that hard to do. Usually, just typing “Arizona adoption home study agencies near me” into your favorite search engine will produce a list of licensed providers in your area. But identifying the best adoption home study services in Arizona requires you to look for specific qualities. 

There’s no need to worry, though. You can depend on your adoption professional to guide you to AZ adoption home study services that meet your needs. If you partner with American Adoptions, the process will be simplified since we offer all the necessary services to complete an adoption (including the home study) within a single agency.

If you’re seeking more information about who does home studies for adoption in Arizona or how you can find the right service, it’s a good idea to speak to one of our adoption specialists today. Simply call 1-800-ADOPTION or fill out our free online form. You can read more below for the moment to find out what to look for in a home study service.

Who Does Home Studies for Adoption in AZ?

For every adoption in Arizona, state law mandates a home study be performed. In Arizona, adoption home study services must be provided by licensed social workers who are generally affiliated with an adoption home study agency.

There are agencies and professionals that specialize in home studies without offering additional adoption services. Full-service adoption agencies such as American Adoptions provide home studies in addition to placement services. Our agency offers comprehensive support for prospective parents that allows them to complete an adoption. 

Where Can I Find Home Study Agencies Near Me in AZ?

Home studies can be time-consuming so finding out who does home studies for adoption in AZ and choosing a provider quickly is important. But because of the sheer number of providers, identifying the right one requires diligent research.

Partnering with American Adoptions will simplify your experience because we offer a full range of services within one organization. Both home studies and adoption placement services in Arizona are offered by our agency, and we can help you navigate every step in the adoption process from start to finish.

Looking for a great home study provider? One of your best resources when seeking adoption home study services in Arizona is There, you’ll find a list of trusted home study providers in your community to choose from. Your adoption professional is another excellent resource when looking for a home study provider.  

It’s important when selecting a provider of adoption home study services in AZ to remember that state laws require home studies to be performed by licensed providers. Failure to use a licensed provider may impact the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) process, thus causing your adoption to be delayed or denied. It’s wise to only consider licensed home study providers in your search.

What Should I Look for When Researching adoption home study services in Arizona?

Remember, your adoption professional is a resource, and you can rely on them to help you find a great provider of adoption home study services in Arizona. Conducting your own research is also a good idea, but what should you look for? Below you’ll find a few points to consider.

  • The cost of the home study: The cost of an adoption home study is a primary concern for most hopeful adoptive families, so make sure you ask for an estimate. You should also ask if that price is inclusive of post-placement visits and home study updates (should they be needed.)
  • Interview(s): When speaking with an AZ home study office, ask them about their timeline for starting the interview process. It’s also good to ask them if your “start date” is when you submit your application or the day of your interview. Their answer will give you an idea of how quickly they’ll complete the process.  
  • Licensure: Every state (and most adoption agencies and family courts) exclusively accept home studies provided by licensed professionals who perform adoption home study services in AZ. That’s why it’s critical to only use agencies that meet that threshold.
  • Background checks: Though there is some variance in state laws on adoption home study background checks, the majority require police records and child abuse registry checks. You can ask possible providers of adoption home study services in AZ about their timeline for background checks and if that time is part of their time estimate.
  • Final report: At the end of a home study, a final written report is produced. It’s delivered to the adoption agency, state government, and court. This report is time-consuming to produce, and some professionals take longer than others. Some professionals who perform adoption home study services in AZ take weeks or months. Always ask for references so you’ll have an idea of how quickly they will write your home study report.
  • Post-placement services: The average gap between placement of a child in your home and adoption finalization is around 6 months. During that time, post-placement visits are required as part of the home study. They’re like the in-home visits from the original home study, and the same provider of adoption home study services in AZ can conduct these visits.
  • Home study updates: In Arizona, a home study is only valid for 18 months and must be updated each year after that as necessary. Updates may be needed if your family moves to a new address, if you change jobs, or if you add family members to your household. Be sure to ask about the update process.

Why is American Adoptions the Best Provider of Adoption Home Study Services in AZ?

It’s not hard to find licensed providers of adoption home study services in Arizona. However, it’s impossible to find a provider that offers the wealth of benefits to hopeful adoptive families that American Adoptions provides.

American Adoptions is licensed to provide both home studies and adoption placement services in Arizona. We can help you throughout the entire adoption process from beginning to end. The result is that your adoption experience will run more smoothly, and you won’t endure as much stress since all your needs will be met by our specialists.

There’s no secret that the Arizona adoption home study process can be overwhelming. You may take comfort in knowing lots of our adoption professionals are adoptive parents themselves. They’ve been in your shoes, and their insights into coping with the experience can help you maintain calm during the process.

Over three decades, we’ve helped more than 13,000 families complete their adoption home studies and make their adoption dreams come true. You’re in good hands with American Adoptions on your side. We’ll guide you through the process and even provide you with a localized adoption home study checklist to help you prepare.

Final Words on Finding Adoption Home Study Services in AZ

If you’re looking for adoption home study services in Arizona, you can get started by typing “AZ home study agencies near me” into an online search engine. We also want you to know we’re here to help. You can take advantage of America Adoptions' wide range of services by contacting one of our experienced, compassionate professionals today.

To get started and connect with an adoption specialist about adoption home study services in AZ, please call 1-800-ADOPTION or complete our online form.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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